You’ve found the page about all the services I offer.  I hope you’ll find a way in which I can serve you!

Service Area– I live in the tiny hamlet of Pulteny, NY which is half way down the western shore of Keuka Lake.  I do serve the Greater Rochester Region and I have had no troubles getting to births in a timely manner.  I also serve the Finger Lakes Region from Newark Hospital in the north, Canandaigua and Geneva and east to Waterloo, west to Honeoye Falls, as well as the Ithaca area, Naples, Watkins Glen, Corning and Elmira, and more rural areas of the Southern Tier.  I serve a radius of an hour and half from my home.  For a map showing the coverage area visit here.

Gift Certificates– available upon request.

Contact:  (607) 868-7555     For email visit the contact page.

Full Birth Doula Services– Please visit my doula page.  Includes 2-3 prenatal visits, labor support at home and in hospital (for hospital births), full home support and transfer support (for home births), care in the immediate post birth period, and a home visit postpartum.  I offer payment options. -$600-$800

Birth Planning Session– For the family who does not want the full service package but wants help prenatally thinking through birth choices, help writing a birth plan, who might need a confidence building session, or who is getting “red flags” about their birthing situation and wants a knowledgeable person to  discuss it with, who might be trying to decide about going for a VBAC or not.  This is an up to 3 hour, in home, personalized to your situation, 1-on-1 session. – $150

Lactation Counseling– Please visit my lactation page.  These are in-home, 1-on-1, sessions to address any breastfeeding concerns from supply issues, newborns, painful nursing, to starting solids and weaning.  Follow up calls are free.  The first meeting is usually 1.5-2 hours for position and latch issues. – $35/hour

Birth doula service + 2 (1.5-2 hrs) session: add $100

Breastfeeding Class– This is a “how to” class.  Includes viewing a video, hands-on instruction, and a booklet.  Covers getting started, what to expect, feeding cues, how to tell when nursing is going well and when you need help.  1-on-1, in-home, 2.5 hours. – $75

Full Postpartum Services– Please visit my postpartum page.  In-home support in the first 6 weeks after birth.  I do not provide overnight support but do offer days and evenings.  I will assist you in all of the areas you might need help from infant care education, time for self-care, breastfeeding support, sibling support, errands, transportation to and care during appointments, food prep, light housekeeping, baby laundry, etc.  Minimum amount per day is 2.5 hours. Tailored to your needs, I will come once for just a couple of hours or several times a week for several weeks.  – $35/hour up to 10 hours, purchase more than 10 hours- the rate is $30/hour

“Coming Home” Postpartum Package– Provided in the first or second week after birth- focused on you and your baby rather than the household and family, this session provides advice and hands-on education regarding diapering, swaddling, infant bathing, creating a nest for nursing, assessment of and counseling for breastfeeding, suggestions for self-care, understanding your newborn, etc.  Answering whatever questions you might have.  1 day- 4 hours- $120, 3 hours- $90

Doula Combo Package– 6 hours of postpartum care combined with full birth doula service- add $125

Birth Tub Rental– This tub is like the “Dolphin circle waterbirth tub kit”.  Please contact me for more information about the tub itself.  Comes with everything you need.  Inspected, cleaned, and disinfected between users.  Rental is 3 weeks before due until 1-2 weeks after birth.  Reservation required. Pick up and drop off arrangements can often be made for closer to you $100.

Becoming a Birth Worker Consultation– 1-on-1 session, information to help you discover what it’s like to be a doula or lactation counselor, differences between birth related professions, sources for education and training, deciding what kind of birth work you’d like to do and how that might fit into your life, talking about why you want to become a birth worker, sources of support in your profession, sources for networking, answering your questions.  2 hours at my in-home office or a Canandaigua location. -$50

keepcalmandmentorDoula Mentoring–   I will mentor you with your clients.  I have found that my clientele tend to be private people and don’t really want students at the birth even if they get two doulas for the same price as one.  However,  your clients may feel otherwise.  I offer mentoring services for new doulas to include 1 prenatal visit, and support for you through the birth as a combination of in person and phone support… I will make suggestions and encourage you and your client and help you talk through any areas of discussion….  in this way you will get experience credit for certification but will also have a senior doula on hand for questions and ideas.   – $200 minimum share of your fee.