Parenting & Pregnancy Links

Hello, here you will find links to other birth and parenting related pages, information sites, and places where I am listed.  I am also featuring my Etsy shop where I sell handmade gifts for babies and children.  This section is always under construction with updates and new additions.  When my former site was lost due to hosting error in 2013 the parents page with links and lots of info was the main content area that was irretrievable.  It also had been regularly updated and added to.  So, this page isn’t well developed yet, but check back often.

Find me here:

Etsy :  BlossomsBeauties  my on-line store for baby and kids’ gifts

Facebook Doula:  EllenDerbyDoulaBreastfeeding Support

Facebook Crafting:  Blossom’s Beauties

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Some Links for Parents:

About Circumcision

Circumcision Decision

Spinning Babies–  To learn more about Optimal Fetal Positioning

Settle your Crying Baby

5 folds for a prefold diaper- video

Baby’s language:  She’s talking to you!  Learn more HERE

Watch a quick  video  to hear the sounds yourself


Some places I’m listed:

Thumb Tack. com

Mama Views

Finger Lakes Birth Connection– My local professional group

The FLBC website

Kelly Mom–  quick breastfeeding info

Rochester Area Birth Network – to find other professionals helping mothers and families in other specialties


My training:


Birth Arts International


Center For Breastfeeding


Supporting Others’ Work:

The Software Scout– My hubby- Finding great jobs for software engineers with personalized service.