Birth Tub Rental

tub 1

I have available to rent an inflatable birth pool. 

Benefits of hydrotherapy are: 

deep relaxation

reduction in contraction discomfort

takes the effects of gravity away from your working uterus


natural way to be undressed

Information about the Tub:

  • The tub is a 5′ outside, 4′ inside inflatable pool.
  • Six inch walls support your weight, even leaning over the side. It has a soft air-filled bottom.
  • Comes with everything you need: hose, pump, thermometer, cleaning solution, directions, faucet adapter, etc.
  • Big enough for two, stays warm for a long time, easy to add hot water to it, easy to drain.
  • Lightweight and very portable… fits in your backseat.
  • Rental is for 2-3 weeks before you are due until the birth. You have 1-2 weeks to return it.
  • Pick up is arranged for Canandaigua or in a Rochester area location. You, your husband, friend or family member would be responsible for pick up and return.
  • Reservation required.
  • Tub is inspected and cleaned and disinfected between users.
  • $100 includes all.

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