Birth Tub Rental

tub 1

I have available to rent an inflatable birth pool. 

Benefits of hydrotherapy are: 

deep relaxation

reduction in contraction discomfort

takes the effects of gravity away from your working uterus


natural way to be undressed

Information about the Tub:

  • The tub is a 5′ outside, 4′ inside inflatable pool.
  • Six inch walls support your weight, even leaning over the side. It has a soft air-filled bottom.
  • Comes with everything you need: hose, pump, thermometer, cleaning solution, directions, faucet adapter, etc.
  • Big enough for two, stays warm for a long time, easy to add hot water to it, easy to drain.
  • Lightweight and very portable… fits in your backseat.
  • Rental is for 2-3 weeks before you are due until the birth. You have 1-2 weeks to return it.
  • Pick up is arranged for Canandaigua or in a Rochester area location. You, your husband, friend or family member would be responsible for pick up and return.
  • Reservation required.
  • Tub is inspected and cleaned and disinfected between users.
  • $100 includes all.

tub 2

tub 3

tub 4

Attending a Birth/ How it feels to be a doula

Hello there!   Are you expecting a baby?  How exciting!  It’s exciting for me too!  I really love being with you as you go through labor and as you bring your baby into the world.  It’s truly an honor to be with you,  the closeness I feel when we work together is a special feeling, and that’s what makes the big difference in having a committed doula at your birth.  You are special to me.

I have always limited my practice to no more than 2 families in a month… keeping births a certain distance apart… and not taking births at times when I can’t be fully committed to you.  Currently you’ll be my one and only!  Your birth matters!  It matters to you and and matters to me.  I want to be fully present for you, rested, and remember what you need in your birth.

That’s why I meet with you 2-3 times before birth,  it’s why we email and stay in touch as your birth approaches or if you hire me months in advance.  The bond and trust we develop in each other allows me to be a very good birth attendant for YOU.  I tailor my approach to your needs, your wants, your personality, your family.  This is important to me and it’s why I’ve always offered more prenatals than other doulas,  it’s why I will come to your home in labor instead of just meeting you at the hospital.  I am committed to YOU,  I prepare myself for YOUR birth.

So when your big day comes,  I AM excited!  I’ve planned and prepared,  not just for birth,  but for you.  I have reserved this time in my life, in my family, my month for you.  I’ve put off or said no to certain things,  I’ve made sure certain things are done and ready at home so my family is all set when I leave.  I’ve been saving my sleep so I am rested for you.  I’ve been on-call for you-  that means waiting for your big day- being ready to drop everything and head out the door for up to 15+ hours with YOU.   It matters to me to be with you.  I’m looking forward to it!!

The feeling is a what one might call a partnership.  We undertake to work together.  You open up to me about yourself and your desires for birth,  your feelings and needs.  I open my life and my time and my heart to you,  I commit to being with you.  This is not a commitment I take lightly.  Some may feel that the money you give me constitutes your commitment to me and that if you pay me you have lived up to your commitment.  But let me explain…

When it comes to birth work the money is a secondary factor.  Business is business but birth is personal work.  There is a lot of emotion going around… not just for moms and dads either… doulas feel a lot too!  It’s not as simple a situation as say, hiring a guy to pave your driveway!  No inter-personal interaction there.  He does the work: you pay him,  he doesn’t: you don’t.  If he doesn’t show up you’ll be disappointed but you won’t be hurt or alone.  If you change your mind,  he might be annoyed but chances are he’ll fill your time with another customer.  That’s not true with a doula.  It’s not just business for me.

You can’t pay for caring,                                                                                                                            You can’t pay for connection,                                                                                                                     You can’t pay for affection,                                                                                                                               I feel all those things and they are part of why I am so committed to you and why I am so excited when your birthing day arrives.  The bond, partnership, and trust between us helps not just you as you birth but me as I work with you.  It’s why I am so thrilled if your birth goes perfectly,  when you achieve your goals, and if your are happy with your birth.  It’s why I love seeing you and your husband bonding with your baby.

It’s also why I feel very sad if you don’t call me to be with you on your big day.

It matters to me, to be with you,  the work I do to prepare for your birth, how your birth unfolds, and you.  I really want to be there.  It’s not just a job for me.