Blossom Gets Crafty

Hi there!

Very soon I will be adding a new page to this website.  In my writings about becoming a doula I explain a lot about my experience growing up in a very large extended family… I was around babies and young children all the time.   My aunties all breastfed, had natural births, and treated childbirth as a normal do-able female function (not a horror story).  Well,  my very large extended family is also talented in the domestic arts.  You know: cooking, baking, cleaning, putting up fruit and vegetables, gardening, sewing, needlework, quilting, creating a pleasant home interior.  We’re good with color (except the boys who got the color blind gene).  Some are talented in visual arts, woodworking, etc.  Both sides are good with their hands.  Me too!

I’ve been very creative all my life.  Art was my favorite subject in school!  I’ve had a lot of practice. Now some of those skills have been perfected and knowing that all doulas come to a point of not carrying on the all-nighters so well anymore, I’ve decided to expand my income to include the sale of lovely handmade items for children and women.  I especially love making toys.  I also get a real kick out of repurposing and recycling.  (My grandparents were frugal people and I learned some of this from them.)  And I truly enjoy making special things for babies.

Lots of my doula families have received a handmade gift from me:  booties, bonnets, or blankets mostly.  You know who you are and how nicely made the item was.  Now I get to make a lot of lovely things for other people precious children.  You can find my special toys at my Etsy Shop called BlossomsBeauties .

I sew:  dolls, stuffed animals, sock monkeys, cloth diapers, baby bonnets, lovies/security blankets, receiving blankets, and baby clothes

I hand knit or crochet:  booties and baby caps, stuffed animals, dolls,  hats for mom

I bead: for mom, earrings and matching bracelet-earring sets, a few necklaces,  for kiddos: nursing necklaces, play pretend/dress up jewelry

I hope you’ll keep me in mind when you are looking for just the right gift for that special someone, including your own new baby.

Some examples:


“Molly” doll    18″ tall           Upcycled Wool Sweater Elephant


Crochet Fish Basket Learning Toy        Farm Set, 10 animals + Barn Tote


Purple Stone, Bracelet Set                 Lampwork Glass Bead Earrings


Upcycled Wool Sweater Owl              Hand Knit Bonnet and Booties Set


Extra Large Receiving Blanket          Crochet Monkey 7″ tall