eat 6 dates a day the last 4 weeks of prenancy for a better birth


I’ve posted this link here for the easiest way to find this information.  Last fall I found this posting via Facebook and since it IS evidence based I’ve begun recommending it.  Maybe for some the taste of dried dates is new but I was introduced to them as a child by my grandmother who used them in her baking.  I like them!  For moms the benefits are great:  spontaneous start of labor,  faster labors and less need for pitocin augmentation, reduction in post partum bleeding, intact membranes, for baby, means less risk of infection.  Plus since dates are a dried fruit they will help with end of pregnancy constipation.   The article is better at telling you more and the study is sited with a link for complete reading.

In the moms who were my clients AND who did eat 6 dates a day the last month of pregnancy, there definitely was a difference in their labors!  Faster moving, started on it’s own in the normal time frame,  no drugs to enhance to the labor and although it’s not too common to have heavy bleeding post birth with my moms (although it does sometimes happen),  these moms did not have it.     So,  I continue to recommend it.

Fresh or dried… eat some dates… put them in your oatmeal, on your cereal, snack on them, put some in trail mix, in your yoghurt.  Buy whole, chopped, pitted or not.  Fresh are in the produce department in winter for sure-  Not sure the rest of the year.  Get creative, look for recipes.  You can do it!  It’s worth it!