Here’s my new website!

After a discouraging discovery that my webhost had lost my website I’ve had to create a new one.  Here it is and it is temporary.   Maybe by Autumn 2013 my sparkling new permanent site will be up and running.    You can also check me out at

I’m not crazy about blogs so I’m going to attempt to give you, via posts, what you might like to know about my services.  I am not a pro when it comes to the world-of-web but I hope I can insert some photos.  If you don’t see any… well,  I couldn’t figure it out!  But That is no indication about my abilities as a birth coach or breastfeeding counselor!

Just as my website was lost I was in the process of networking with other health and birth professionals around Rochester to make connections with birthing families.  Talk about poor timing!  ( Or was it serendipity?)   Just after the networking was done and the website was lost my home, which had been on the market for 13 months, finally got an offer.  Yay!

After a few false starts my family and I have found a new home.  We are excited and anticipate the move around the beginning of August.   Unfortunately,  for my business and all the networking I have done,  the move is to the small town of Hammondsport, NY.  ( It’s been voted the coolest small town in America!)   It’s about an hour and a half from Rochester,  so it looks like I’ll be building a new practice with only a few  areas of overlap.  If you don’t know where it is,  it’s at the southern tip of Keuka lake and is a beautiful area.

I will still go to Highland Hospital for births, especially if you are birthing with the URMC (Strong Health) midwifery group.  I could work with 2nd and 3rd births but would require a back up doula and a fair amount of notice that labor has begun.   But for first time mamas I think there will be plenty of time.    For births at Thompson Hospital it will be close enough to manage any type of situation.

I’ll be able to serve families birthing at Davenport Memorial Hospital in Bath, NY and Guthrie Hospital in Corning, NY.  As I move to my new area I will be able to learn more about what is available and in what capacity I can serve birthing families best.

I’ll also always answer breastfeeding questions over the phone and in person for people living on the east and south side as well as families in Steuben, Yates and Ontario counties.   You can reach me at 607-868-7555 and on my cell at 315-521-9825 .   My home number is ALWAYS the best way to reach me!

Thanks for reading, happy birthing, and maybe we’ll meet soon!


This site, turns out I like it pretty well and it’s easy to work on, so, it’s not going to be temporary!   I wrote this post before I discovered I could make pages and add photos- so I don’t have to make “blogs” about my services.  But I will hopefully be writing some interesting stories here.

I had a couple of families scheduled to birth in the fall after my move and it seems like I’ll be able to serve the Rochester region well after all.   And I’ll have to begin networking with people to the south as I try to build my service area.   Turns out there are no births at the hospital in Bath.  With the exception of Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua being about 45 minutes away-  I’ll have more than an hour drive to everyone-  It’s a beautiful drive though!

I have also decided that I am only taking clients who really want a natural birth and to avoid the epidural.  I would like to have a concentration of clients who choose midwives for their care.   And I’d like to regain some time spent at home births.   Natural birth is where I excel and what I enjoy most.   Just ask the families I’ve worked with!